Installation of treatment facilities

The arrangement of local treatment plants is a mandatory stage in the implementation of various facilities (private homes, recreation centers, petrol stations, etc.) and sewage systems in settlements. BIOTAL plants are necessary everywhere, where indicators of pollution of waste water do NOT comply with the norms.

Our company offers a full range of works and services necessary for the construction of treatment plants using the BIOTAL technology, namely:

  • Development of technological scheme;
  • Equipment selection;
  • Development and approval of design estimates;
  • Conducting preparatory and general construction works for treatment facilities;
  • Installation and commissioning of BIOTAL plants;
  • Installation and commissioning of additional equipment (CNS, automated grids for the rough sewage detention, installation of ultraviolet irradiation of treated sewage, dehydration unit for excess sludge);
  • Object’s commissioning.

Having chosen our company, you will receive a reliable partner with an impeccable reputation, capable to perform construction of treatment plants of any capacity, quality and on time.

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